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Selling Your Home? Don’t Be Tempted By…

Posted by jfortunes on May 31, 2014

Do you want to sell your home right away? Don’t be tempted by “We Buy Houses” or “Sell Your House in 9 days for Cash” ads and billboards.

Savvy real estate investors run these ads and put up posters looking for sellers under duress. These investors want to make the money you earned for holding your home.  Investors only want to pay you up to seventy percent of the (low end) market value.  Many investors who studied late night infomercial real estate scams want you to be their bank and carry the financing.

You do not need to be at the mercy of these scavengers. Selling you home is stressful enough without worrying about getting a fair price.

As a real estate investor who looks for distressed houses with desperate sellers, I give you the following tips for getting fair market value for your home quickly.

For Sellers with No Money to Spend:

Start at the street and clean up the weeds.

Remove dead plants and trim overgrown limbs.

Plant brown spots with cuttings of ground cover from friends.

Remove empty pots and containers or fill with cuttings.

Wash the windows.

Inside, take down tatty window coverings.

Pack personal effects: family photos, memorabilia, magazine piles.

Open window coverings, let the sunshine in.

Air your home out.

Get rid of excess furniture, especially pieces with holes.

Hold a yard sale and use the money to buy flowers.

After a thorough purging and cleaning, your shining home is ready to sell for a fair price.

For Sellers with a Little Cash:

Spend your money wisely on enhancements that boost net proceeds.

Freshen pain.

Fix everything you possibly can.

Use Design and Marketing Psychology to stage your home.

Redecorating your home and adding upgrades for the potential buyerís profile brings you the greatest return for your money. Then, you retain your equity and sell your home for top dollar to a motivated buyer.

Don’t just compete with other home sellers: redesign your home with Design Psychology so buyers compete with each other for your home!

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